Scientific and Technical Bulletin
of the Institute of Oilseed Crops NAAS

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Scientific and Technical Bulletin
of the Institute of Oilseed Crops NAAS

Short title: Sci-Tech Bul IOC
ISSN: 2078-7316
Language edition: Ukrainian, English

Issue 14, 2009


1. N.I. Velkova. Using the initial material in white mustard breeding for seed oil content . P.103-108 - PDF

2. P.I.Vishnevsky, S.P.Vishnevsky. Creation initial genetically of various selection material of winter crop to ripaku by method of hybridization. P.109-113 - PDF

3. V.M. Zhuravel. Breeding importance of sinapis alba specimens, created with the method of chemical mutagenesis. P.114-119 - PDF

4. I.B. Komarova, V.A. Lyakh. Variability of biometric characteristics of spring false flax. P.120-129 - PDF

5. A.N. Levchuck, H.N. Voytovich. The reaction of different genotypes of oil flax to abiotic factors . P.130-136 - PDF

6. S.V. Didovich, S.F. Abdurashitov, S.V. Blazhuk. The influence of mineral phosphoric fertilizers on efficiency of the symbiosis of soybean with rhizobium and endomycorrhizal fungi. P.139-142 - PDF

7. N.P. Zhernova. Influence of technology elements on the indian mustard productivity of Svitlana variety. P.143-149 - PDF

8. E.V. Gaydash, V.V. Rozhkovan, S.V. Pleten. Indirect methods of estimation of winter rape for frostresistance. P.15-20 - PDF

9. S.A. Kovalenko. Influence of fertilizers and growth regulation substances on the productivity of mustard . P.150-156 - PDF

10. A.M. Kovalenko, V.G. Taran, A.A. Kovalenko. Sunflower growing in crop rotations in the Steppe region. P.157-161 - PDF

11. N.I. Kostjuchenko, V.A. lyakh. Taxonomic composition and species in complex of soil micromycetes of sunflower rhizosphere. P.162-166 - PDF

12. A.N. Kraevsky. Аlternative technology of sunflower growing. P.167-172 - PDF

13. P.N. Laser, I.N. Mrinsky, V.T. Gontaruk. Рroductivity of sunflower maternal forms in dependence on agrotechnical conditions of growing at hybridization plots . P.173-176 - PDF

14. A.M. Nikolaeva, I. Yu. Lychkovskaya. Trophic connexions of the rape insects (Heteroptera, Pentatomidae) under conditions of Central Russia. P.177-182 - PDF

15. V.P. Naumkin. The quantitative signs showing of spring false flax by different terms of sowing. P.183-187 - PDF

16. V.P. Naumkin, N.I. Velkova. Specific structure of the insects at white mustard crops. P.188-195 - PDF

17. V.M. Nizhegolenko, K.S. Procenko, A.I. Poliakov, O.V. Nikitenko. Іnfluence of sowing date and seeding rate on soy-bean productivity under dry and irrigating conditions. P.196-206 - PDF

18. V.V. Plotnicov, V.G. Gilchuk, M.B.Gumenniy, V.O. Nakonechny. The specificity of chemical protection of crops of a soya from weeds at different levels of a mineral food. P.207-211 - PDF

19. A.N. Kirilchuk. Сollection accessions of spring rape as a source of main economic qualities. P.21-27 - PDF

20. V.V. Rozhkovan, S.I. Gurinovich, Yu.I. Bidash. Application of herbicides in poppy crops. P.212-217 - PDF

21. N.G. Sobko, A.G. Polezhay, A.V. Melnik. Role of agromethods in technology of spring rape growing. P.218-225 - PDF

22. S.V. Tomashov. Influence of mineral fertilizers and date of their application on the basic productivity indexes of winter rape Atlant variety. P.226-231 - PDF

23. V.M. Totckyi, A.I. Poliakov. Іnfluence of muneral fertilizers on crop productivity and quality of seeds index of sunflower hybrids. P.232-237 - PDF

24. A.V. Chehov, N.P. Zhernova. Technological aspects of white mustard growing in the South Steppe zone of Ukraine. P.238-247 - PDF

25. Ye.O. Yurkevich, N.P. Kovalenko. Іmprovement of growing technology for the oilseed cropsin crop rotations under southern Steppe conditions. P.248-254 - PDF

26. V.T. Gritzenko. The investigation of vibration of rotary bolter? s brush. P.257-268 - PDF

27. M.K. Linnyk. The perspectives of biodisel production and subpoducts from oilcrops. P.269-271 - PDF

28. H.V.Kryvosheyeva, V.K. Ryabchoun, N.N. Leonova, K.V.Vedmedeva. National sunflower collection as a source for valuable traits in breeding. P.28-34 - PDF

29. I.V. Aksyonov. The identification of proteine spectra in sunflower hybrid combinations. P.3-7 - PDF

30. N. N. Kutishcheva, B. K. Litovchenko. Distinctions in the traits of reciprocal hybrids of sunflower. P.35-43 - PDF

31. A.A. Muravlyov. Technological peculiarities of in vitro anther androgenesis in spring rape. P.44-51 - PDF

32. I.O. Poliakova. Іnheritance of xanthoviridis chlorophyll mutation in oil flax. P.52-55 - PDF

33. A.I. Soroka. Іnfluence of nutrient medium and explant type on callus development in sunflower . P.56-62 - PDF

34. A.V. Sukharev. Аnatomical description of Brasscaceae family plants on example of spring rape and white-headed cabbage. P.63-73 - PDF

35. M. Christov, A. Piskov, J. Encheva, D. Valkova, М. Drumeva, N. Nenova, V. Nikolova, V. Encheva, P. Shindrova, P. Petrov, G. Georgiev. Developing sunflower hybrid cultivarswith increased productivity, resistant to diseases and broomrape using classical and biotechnological methods . P.74-87 - PDF

36. H. Boykaya, V. Lyakh. The first interspecific hybrids of lunaria. P.8-14 - PDF

37. A.I. Budilka, I.V. Aksyonov. Winter-hardiness estimatation of the mustard-rape hybrids as initial material. P.91-96 - PDF

38. B.F. Varenyk. Sunflower breeding for resistance to main biotic and abiotic factores in BGI-NC sgsr. P.97-102 - PDF